Sleep In The Park 2018 – my thoughts

Here are my thoughts on video via YouTube about this weekend’s Sleep In The Park 2018 (please note for some bizarre reason, the date on this blog post reads December 6 2018 when at the time of publishing it was during still December 5 2018 – I mentioned the latter of the two dates in my video to refer to this particular blog post, so I hope this clarifies things!).

I appreciate watching over 8 minutes of me speak can be time consuming, so in summary, I stated my disgust at how big the problem of homelessness is in Scotland and how I see it too often on the streets of many places in this country and hence the reason me willing to participate in this year’s Sleep In The Park. It’s no good me complaining about it when I can play my role in helping the homeless.

I was excited about signing up, but I’m now a bit nervous. I’m bracing myself for the worst weather wise, however I’m hoping it won’t all be bad in the end. I’m also properly equipped!

And I thanked everyone for their support whether it’s raising money or offering words of support.

You can still donate to Social Bite via my Virgin Money Giving link – please click here.

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