February 14th is Independence Day for singles!

Today is St Valentine’s Day.

Today is the day when many couples will understandably harbour the spirit of the saying, “ignorance is bliss”.

Today might feel like a lonely experience, if you are single.

But let today be the very day that single people never drag themselves down, because they have no partner.

We are individual human beings in our own right. We have a right to our own personal individuality. And thank goodness we are all not the same, otherwise we will lose our right to our own individual personality and thinking. Our uniqueness as individual human beings makes us special. And our individuality is there to be defended, nurtured and preserved.

Singles, for one reason or another, are made to feel inadequate either consciously or subconsciously, because they don’t have a lover in their lives. Some people view them as abnormal as a result. This is absolutely callous and all single people must never think lower of themselves, because of what some other people happen to think.

For sure, life can feel difficult without love. Some single people might find someone special to fall in love with one day. Some might never find anyone at all, but let that not become a depressing prospect.

Life can also be difficult without your own space at all times. And whilst human beings remain independent to a certain extent when in love, they can never truly enjoy the uncompromising gift of independence that single people have the privilege to truly experience to it’s fullest potential.

I’m not suggesting that independence is necessairly compromised to a severe degree when in love. Couples are still two independent people in loving union. But the one gift a single person really has is independence that has the potential to flourish to a strong degree, if positive thinking is applied.

So while many couples all over the world enjoy the romantic fruits that Valentine’s Day has to bring and may nobody deny them their romantic enjoyment, February 14th should also be the date that single people stand up, shrug off any feelings of hopelessness and unapologetically celebrate their independence. And let this self-determination continue all year long as well.

As a single, heterosexual man, I feel no bitterness nor resentment about being independent. I used to and sometimes still do get frustrated about being alone, but my frustration is actually misplaced. Sure it would be a lovely thing to find that special lady out there, but the fact is that it will not happen any moment soon.

There is no point wasting my own energy on thinking about a hypothetical situation of being in love when that sort of aspiration is unnecessary at this time, especially in the kind of dynamic world that is all around today. And I would advise other single people to follow suit, regardless of who you are and what your background is.

Let us see a change of culture around us and show the rest the world that we are strong and in no need for other people’s validation. Single people of all kinds should see a date like February 14th in a positive manner.

We enter this planet alone. We will depart this planet alone. That is not negotiable. But whatever positive achievements that can be made in between is down to the energy and spirit of individual human beings, irrespective of whether they are in love or not, and their willingness to get results in order to improve their own livelihoods and the livelihoods of their family, friends and other people they know.

God willing, may February 14th be Independence Day for single people.

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