Looking ahead to the future with a third term of SNP Government


Campaigning for David Torrance in Kirkcaldy

Whilst I was initially bittersweet at the SNP missing out on an overall majority and seeing some exceptional candidates miss out on becoming MSP’s, I am now relishing the next session of the Scottish Parliament ahead. I believe Nicola Sturgeon deserves the chance and respect to govern effectively for Scotland and look forward to seeing many of the SNP’s pledges within it’s manifesto implemented. I would like to sincerely congratulate all of our candidates on working so hard to promote the positivity of our record in office and on painting a better and brighter future with future SNP Government.

My local candidate David Torrance scored an absolutely sensational result in Kirkcaldy and he deserves a lot of credit and major congratulations. I am proud to have supported him in his campaign and I think he deserves to hold his head up high. He is an absolutely important asset to Kirkcaldy, the Scottish nation as a whole and it’s great to see him as an MSP again. And I also want to congratulate every one of the other SNP candidates who became elected. I campaigned for many SNP candidates across Scotland and to see many of them become MSP’s was fantastic and filled me up with pride.

On a different note, much has been made of Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson’s success this week. One would be harsh to play down the incredible results the newly second placed party achieved and her own personal talent as a politician, but Ruth needs to understand that she doesn’t call the shots. I expect her and her party to be a much more robust opposition than Scottish Labour, but they must respect the fact that it is the Scottish people that will decide whether another independence referendum will happen in the near future. And given the volatile political environment around us at this time across the UK, she has absolutely no right to stand in the way of any potentially increased demand by the electorate to re-visit the independence question.

But that said, I remain unconvinced that Brexit or not next month that there needs to be a snap second independence referendum. Instead, we must focus on re-visiting the Yes case and making major modifications to it in order to make it more robust and, more importantly, to listen to fellow citizens who didn’t back independence in 2014. We will never win a referendum on this issue until we take their concerns on board and act upon them in a positive manner. But if we can convince them that independence is the way forward, then we are moving forward.

I joined the Scottish National Party in November 2014 after that historic referendum two months earlier, because I simply believe Scotland should be an independent country. I absolutely welcome anybody to the cause and the party if they believe the same as I do. For me, this isn’t about socialism, conservatism or liberalism – I have no time to be glued up to any particular ideology. I just want my nation to be like any other ordinary nation and to be able to have the full autonomy to govern itself without compromise. What more can someone living in Scotland ask for?

In the end, I am pragmatic, progressive and pro-independence. Onwards and upwards. 👍

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