My thoughts about what could have been Independence Day for Scotland

 Here is a status update I posted on my Facebook page last night regarding this particular day:

“If Scotland had voted Yes around eighteen months ago, then nearly an hour ago we would have faced a new kind of Hogmanay where probably fireworks would have been witnessed lighting up the skies of our nation as independence of our country would finally have become a reality.

It would have been a very special moment in the history of our world, let alone politics or any other walk of life. But alas, we didn’t do it. The Yes Scotland campaign just didn’t do enough to convince enough of our fellow citizens that going it alone was the right thing to do and we need to be big enough to accept that.

We fell short on too many key areas such as the currency, pensions and even on the future of European Union membership. We were frankly too carried away with ourselves at the best of times and should have taken the initiative on those particular issues and on the overall momentum of the campaign as a whole. 

We only allowed fear, scaremongering and a lot of silly assertions from the opposing side of the argument to dominate the agenda during the independence referendum campaign. Fear harbours resentment and is therefore never a constructive way to go forward in this life, in any walk of life. We have seen since September 2014 many assertions made against independence fall apart.

I defiantly remain in the belief that Scotland is far better off being independent. I actually think the case for us being a fully self-governing country has grown stronger. But still not strong enough to be in a position of winning a future referendum on Scottish independence. We need many more years yet before we even find any future Yes Scotland campaign in a realistically and potentially winning position.

And hence, this is why it is all the more important for me and my friends in the Scottish National Party to keep working hard in order to win our party a record third term in office at Holyrood. There is frankly no other political party who has the required level of credibility and gravitas to lead the nation forward into another term of competent government and potentially towards a second independence referendum.

And finally, until the day I die, whilst I and my comrades shall always continue to respect our neighbours and friends internationally and advocate an outward looking vision for our nation, I shall remain proud of the fact that I am a Scot and live, work and enjoy my life within Scotland – the greatest nation on earth today, tomorrow and always. 👍


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