Want to star in a new video cheering on #BothVotesSNP?

  2016 will present an incredible opportunity for the Scottish National Party for the forthcoming elections to the Scottish Parliament. And, despite how good the polls have looked, nothing should ever be taken for granted!

I have decided that I want to produce and publish an uplifting video where I intend to heavily and emphatically promote why it is mandatory that we achieve #BothVotesSNP in next year’s election. But fellow SNP supporters, I need your help.

You don’t need to do very much at all and in fact your small contribution could make a HUGE difference. All I want you to do is to grab a piece of paper, write down #BothVotesSNP and, either using your smartphone or camera, record a video and say the words “Both Votes SNP” to the camera whilst showing your #BothVotesSNP piece of paper (or you can use other ways to get the hashtag on camera, but don’t do anything silly of course! 😂) – you can say it normally, shout it or even sing it as if you were singing a melody. It is completely up to you. 

Your video should be no longer than around 5 seconds long. Please send completed videos to officialanashassan@outlook.com by the 30th December 2015. 

The video should be available to view either around the time of the New Year. Many thanks for your support in advance!

Stronger For Scotland. Vote SNP.

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