What an accident with Greek Style Yoghurt taught me about ❤️ and kindness in people

  Something so simple yet so extraordinary happened to me last night at a supermarket in Kinross-shire. Here is the status update from Facebok that I shared: 

“When I state that I am NOT a boring man then I really do mean it. And here is a spectacular reason why that is absolutely the case.

I bought a few items from a local supermarket in Kinross. As I walked out of the store and headed towards my car, I started to panic. Panicking as I ended up losing my receipt. Now when one gets into a state of panic, chaos takes over. One of my purchased items was a tub of Greek Style Yoghurt which sneakily slipped away from my hands and crashed onto the tarmac of the car park. You can imagine the horror that took over my body as I absorbed the end result of this unfortunate occurrence.

Feeling like a defeated boxer in a ring (some of the yoghurt found its way onto my being as well), I trembled back into the store’s Customer Service desk with a plastic bag, a bar of chocolate and a tub of yoghurt that looked like it had twenty punches smashed through it during a heavyweight contest. But the staff were so generous and kind to take back my damaged good. As I returned the poor item, I was still asking myself what on earth I did with my receipt. By that point, I didn’t expect to be offered a replacement for my yoghurt, but that offer flew towards me like a blessing in disguise. Oh how surprised yet heartened I was when I received the replacement for what is my favourite style of yoghurt (I get through one tub in two minutes and thirty eight seconds straight! 😂).

Before even attempting to make my way back home, my overzealous self then worried about the shocking state of the tarmac. Luckily, free paper towels were on hand at the entrance of the store and I went over and helped myself to a moderately abundant amount which I utilised to clear out as much of the mess as possible. 

Now, it ain’t easy to completely remove yoghurt from tarmac, but boy did I give it as good as try as I possibly could (woeful in reality! 😂). I felt like a contestant on The Generation Game with Sir Bruce Forsyth shouting me on to get a grip! 😂😂😂

As the excesses of yoghurt cleared up, a lovely symbol had arisen in the shape of a nearly complete ❤️. I was so struck by it that I even took a photo and posted it on here for you to witness. I attribute the ❤️ as a symbol of the kindness, generosity and patience of the wonderful staff at Sainsbury’s in Kinross who were very good to me tonight. And although, I decided to clear up the mess on the tarmac as best as I possibly could, I’m glad I did.

I don’t know how many of you are religious or spiritual or not, but I certainly believe in God. Whilst he blesses me with the autonomy of running my life as best as I can, my fate and will lies in God’s hands and always will until I am recalled from Earth. Amid all the chaos and frustration of life, I do ❤️ people. And I ❤️ people who are good hearted and have a great sense of humanity about them, especially the staff of Sainsbury’s in Kinross. And I ultimately ❤️ God for what happened and generally. Thank you and thank you again!

Finally, each of you has good within yourselves. Use it, empower it and be the best that you can be, despite all the obstacles that lie potentially in the way.

Have a superb weekend! ❤️ Xxxxx”

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