Volunteers wanted for a new programme on 1st anniversary of Scottish independence referendum

  It has been nearly one year since Scotland voted on the issue of independence. And it hasn’t been boring in the slightest!

In the aftermath of the vote, I produced a programme called “The Campaign For Scottish Independence: A Reflection” where a group of Yes voters, a prominent No campaigner and a chosen neutral observer for the documentary were all interviewed about the referendum.

Next week, I plan to publish a new programme onto YouTube which will mark one year on since the historic vote held in 2014. Were you a Yes voter or campaigning in favour of independence? Did you reject leaving the United Kingdom or defend the continuation of the Union? Or were you observing events from a neutral perspective?

Whatever your position, I want to hear from you. I intend to film for interviews this Friday only (11th September) in either the Edinburgh or Fife areas only and you may be considered – please e-mail me directly on officialanashassan@outlook.com if you are interested. 

Participation is voluntary only, hence no reimbursement is available. Sincere apologies for this, but you’ll still get an opportunity to become a star on camera! Please get in touch!

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