I want to ride my Glaswegian bicycle, bicycle!

One of Glasgow’s public bikes – iconic scenery!

After spending some time at Glasgow Central Mosque for Friday prayers, I took to riding one of the relatively new public bikes in Glasgow City Centre. It’s not the first time that I have done this, but it’s safe to say that this is one activity I thoroughly enjoy when I’m in town.

Personally, I don’t own my own bike. And even if I did, then it would be impractical to take it with me from home (although it can be done in some cases). But since nextbike launched their service in Scotland’s biggest city, the service has been very popular amongst the city’s residents, tourists and other users.

Without question, riding along the Clyde from town up to Finnieston and Pacific Quay is my favourite route. Part of the city’s heritage is based on the river flowing through it and with architecture such as the Clyde Arc and the Armadillo, it really brings a special sense of Scottish dynamism – creating a breathtaking atmosphere in the process. It is the definition of modern day Glasgow and modern day Scotland. And add the blue skies and sunshine into the equation? Sweet surroundings. 

STV Glasgow’s website have reported on the forthcoming extension of the service. After the success of the so called “Boris Bikes” in London, it is no wonder that in a city as scenic as Glasgow that commuting by bicycle would be popular up here as well. It probably won’t be long until the likes of other Scottish cities like Edinburgh for example follow suit. 

Never mind the trams, get on your bike!

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