How much are you willing to pay for a doughnut?

Which doughnut do you prefer?

Doughnuts – we’ve all probably tried one and most of us love them. Ringed, holes or filled, they bring a sweet delight to someone’s appetite. But why have I become obsessed with them in recent days?

Late on Saturday night, I found myself in a branch of Tesco in Dunfermline and walked past a Krispy Kreme display full of doughnuts. My eyes were glued on those delicious looking treats and I could not resist purchasing one – for £1.45. That’s right, one whole pound and forty five pennies.

That’s when my fascination for doughnuts and how much we pay for them commenced. My Twitter timeline took a bizarre twist and descended into a barrage of complete and total chaos.

And so late on a Saturday night, I amazingly managed to get one person engaged with my doughnut analysis on Twitter.

How far are you willing to stretch your wallet when it comes to buying the doughnut that is right for you, your taste buds and your sweet tooth? I will explore this subject on video later this week and with an expanded article on here hopefully put forward some more fascinating findings about what your money can bring you doughnut wise.

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